Aerial platforms are bringing a whole new perspective to adventure travel. Redefining camera placement and motion, they’re allowing us to capture images once completely out of reach.

Building Great Digital Brands For Adventurous People.



We are Communicators, Creatives, Makers …and Adventurers.

Digital Marketing

RanaInteractive is a full-service digital agency delivering online marketing strategy and targeted marketing solutions designed specifically for outdoor adventure travel and extreme sports. Our focus is on marketing, brand building, design and user experience. Our mission to help clients implement the latest in digital style, strategies and tools.

Digital Success

Employing more effective digital strategies and the right digital solutions can make a world of difference in your online marketing success. Online you only succeed by engaging the right people with the right content and message. This means developing highly targeted digital campaigns and tools that ‘your customers’ will relate to and pass on.

Our Clients

We provide digital marketing services and support for adventure travel agencies, tour operators, accommodation providers, outfitters, and personal guides. But we also love working with new startups, and small teams of outdoor enthusiasts who want to offer innovative new products, gear, or digital services in adventure travel or extreme sports.

Targeted Online Marketing Solutions, Designed Exclusively for Adventure Travel.


We deliver the in-depth research, analysis and strategic planning to provide a practical blueprint for your online success, helping you understand the digital mix and launch viable online strategies that reach the right people with the right message.


With four out of five adventure travellers using the internet to research and book their travel destinations, it should come as no surprise that online marketing is now at the very heart of adventure travel marketing strategy.


The human brain processes visual information thousands of times faster than text-based information! We are hard wired to process the visual experience in a subliminal way. This is considered foremost in every step of our design process.


Presenting ideas online is an integral part of our business and the experiences we create are rooted in specific consumer behaviours. Our websites can’t just look good, ultimately they must be something your customers can relate to and interact with.


As the adoption of smartphones and tablets rapidly increases, so does the importance of the mobile-friendly web. It’s changing the entire approach to web and user experience design and nowhere is this more important than in adventure travel.


Social Media has changed the way people discover, connect with each other, and share adventure travel information. It brings people together, driving referred business, and attracting new customers through travellers sharing with other travellers.

Mapping & Wayfinding

Realistic 3D maps that help showcase and promote your destination.

Help your guests discover, and explore trails, routes, and popular activities. We provide digital wayfinding and mapping solutions that include, geolocation, topo/terrain, elevation, time & distance data, photos, landmarks, points of interest, off-trail activities, and campsites.

Websites that Encourage People to Engage, to Follow and to Share Your Adventures.

We live in an increasingly digital world, where taking part is no longer an option, but a necessity. A great online experience has never been more important than for adventure travel businesses. Clients and customers are now almost certain to research your destination and your business online before making any decisions. Gaining their trust online, will not be easy!

Your website is your single most important online asset. It’s personal. Not only does it give you a chance to relate how you really feel about your business, building trust, it can help you to genuinely connect with the “right customer”, and this is the true measure of online success.

Powerful Visuals, Images & Video, are at the Core of the Internet’s New Language.

It’s being called the ‘Visual Web’ with good reason. Today’s web surfing habits and time constraints are starting to dictate design. Users are spending less time reading through all of the details, while great photography and video say it all instantly. We produce high-quality commercial photography, aerial imagery and video trailers for the web and on-location 360-degree virtual tours.

Want to see more? Check us out on 500px and YouTube.

85% of Today’s Adventure Travellers, Won’t Leave Home Without​ One!

In a multi-device, multi-platform, very mobile world, you have to be both flexible and to the point. Our sites are designed for mobile use and always 100% device responsive. We verify and test every page on multiple operating systems and 30 of the most popular desktops, laptops, tablets and handheld​​ devices.

How does your website stack up? Are you up to the task?

We Value Our Relationships, and Truly Believe that Our Clients are ‘Badass and Brave’!

Our work reflects our lives, our passions and our creativity — And while the common thread between your work and ours, may be that we are all climbers, trekkers, riders and paddlers, deep down it’s that we have all signed-up to live “the lifestyle”. We believe in our passions, and in our dreams, and are willing to make real sacrifices for what we love.
Monkeywasi Climbing Hostel
IntiRumi Inn
IntiRumi Inn
IntiRumi Inn

Trying to Get More From the Web? We’re Less Expensive and Provide a Faster Return than You Might Think.

While we design and oversee targeted inbound marketing campaigns and partner with clients to manage their online presence, we also provide personalised services based on business goals, budget and more. We offer customised solutions to fit your unique business needs and are dedicated to providing the highest quality digital experience with the greatest possible return on your investment.
While we design and oversee targeted inbound marketing campaigns and partner with clients to manage their online presence, we also provide personalised services based on business goals, budget and more. We offer customised solutions to fit your unique business needs and are dedicated to providing the highest quality digital experience with the greatest possible return on your investment.

Photography & Video


* Starting at $75 / per hour
The quality of photography and video you use can greatly impact your marketing success. On-location aerial still photography and video is perfect for those requiring professional images of their properties, tours or products. Supplied in high resolution formats our images and video are perfect for both online and offline use.
Image Solutions ❯

We work across the whole of South America and often accept projects from further afield.

Still Photography

❯ Fully Edited and Corrected Images
❯ High Resolution for Offline and Online Use
❯ Available within 24-48 Hours of the Shoot

❖ Per Hour / 3 hours or less – $75 / *per hour
❖ Half Day / 4 hours on location – $200
❖ Full Day / 8 hours on location – $400

Video & Video Editing

❯ 720p HD / 1080p / 2.7K / 4K
❯ Up to 96 fps Full HD / 12mp
❯ 3-Axis Stabilised Gimbals
❯ 78.8° / 84° fov, 28 mm (35 mm equivalent)

❖ Raw Footage – $110 / *per hour
❖ Aerial Photography – $175 / *per hour
❖ Aerial Cinematography – $200 / *per hour
❖ Aerial Surveys – $150 / *per hour

Post Production

❖ Editing & Titling – $75 / *per hour
❖ Motion Graphics & Effects – $80 / *per hour

* All rates include a one hour minimum charge.

Web Development


* Starting at $2000 / per Site
Web design and development can have a huge impact on your digital marketing success. We develop fully customised ‘mobile ready’ websites, built on a content management system that let’s you activity contribute to the site. Our basic packages include the following features and will change the way you do business.
What’s Included ❯
❯ Responsive Site Design with Landing Page
❯ Customised to Your Brand Identity
❯ Cross Browser & OS Compatibility
❯ Content Creation, Basic Copywriting & Editorial
❯ Basic Reservations Form
❯ Contact Form
❯ Mailing list Opt-in Forms
❯ Social Media Integration
❯ Image Galleries
❯ Content & Image Sliders
❯ Basic SEO & Keyword Optimisation
❯ Search Engine Sitemap

What’s Not…

❯ Logo Design or Extended Branding
❯ Photography, Video & Info Graphics
❯ Extended Search Engine Optimisation
❯ Extended Keyword Research & Content Optimisation
❯ In-depth Conversation Optimisation
❯ E-commerce or Shopping Cart Functionality
❯ Custom coding or Site Functionality
❯ Integration to Back Office Systems

Social Media Marketing


* Starting at $300 / per channel
Social Media has changed the way people connect, discover, and share adventure travel information. It’s ‘the’ technology that connects people on the go — whether to share information, ideas or content. Social media builds relationships and attracts new customers through travellers sharing with other travellers.
Social Support ❯
❯ Assessment & Media Strategy
❯ Optimised Channel Setup
❯ Branded Design & Photography
❯ Initial Posts, Tweets, Pins & Boards

Social Media Setup

❖ Facebook – $400
❖ Twitter – $250
❖ YouTube – $300
❖ Instagram (Flicker, 500px, SmugMug) – $300
❖ Pinterest – $300

Social Media Management

❯ Daily Updates
❯ Monitoring & Response for –
Social Comments, Messages, Follows, Mentions, Likes, Pins & Boards
❯ Networking
❖ Facebook – $220 / per month
❖ Google Plus – $220 / per month
❖ Twitter – $220 / per month
❖ YouTube – $250 / per month
❖ Photo Sharing – $250 / per month
❖ Pinterest – $220 / per month

Reputation Marketing


* Starting at $250 / per channel
Did you know that travel reviews on TripAdvisor alone, have surpassed 435 million? We’ve known for years about the necessity of good reviews in online marketing, but it’s the travel industry that seems to be most affected by this trend. Here 70% of people say that they actively plan their trips around travel reviews.
More Information ❯
❯ Assessment & Media Strategy
❯ Optimised Channel Setup
❯ Branded Design & Photography

Channel Setup

❖ TripAdvisor – $250
❖ KAYAK – $250
❖ TourRadar – $300
❖ Airbnb – $250
❖ Hostel World – $250
❖ Hostel Bookers – $250

Channel Management

❯ Monitoring & Response for –
Channel Comments, Messages, Positive & Negative Reviews
❯ Networking
❖ Channel Management Retainer – $80 / per month

Email Marketing


* Starting at $300 / per campaign
Beautifully-designed, completely branded professional email marketing campaigns to help grow your adventure business. No marketing category has the longevity of email marketing. This is because email can deliver a very targeted message, it can drive conversions and has a higher return. Email will be around forever!
Campaign Details ❯
❯ Two Email Designs per Campaign
❯ Two Sends per Campaign
❯ Send & Performance Reporting

❖ Email Campaign Design – $300 / per campaign (2 sends)
❖ Additional Send & Extended Reporting – $20 / per send

Service Hosting

❯ List Management
❯ Link Tracking
❯ Analytics & Performance Reporting

❖ 2,500 emails to 500 people – $10 / per month
❖ Unlimited emails to 500 people – $29 / per month
❖ 12,500 emails to 2,500 people – $29 / per month
❖ Unlimited emails to 2,500 people – $59 / per month

Managed Hosting


* Managed Hosting / per domain / per year
Meet ‘The Grid’, powerful clustered server architecture for maximum performance and reliability. On the Grid, your website is spread across hundreds of server processors. Add the Grid’s scalable bandwidth and burst-able MySQL resources, and your sites can handle traffic far beyond that of other hosting platforms.
Hosting Features ❯
Our one-of-a-kind clustered architecture gives you faster, more scalable, more reliable shared hosting. All-SSD storage, DDoS & intrusion protection, 30-day file backup & restore, 24/7 US-based live support, Managed App catalog w/updates.

❯ Scalable, Clustered Hosting with Full Email Services
❯ 24/7 Technical Support
❯ Full Website Analytics
❯ Includes all CMS Software and Plugin Updates
❯ Daily Security Scans and Weekly Security Audits

Installed Server Software

❯ PHP 7.0.2
❯ Perl v5.10.1
❯ Python v3.1.3
❯ Apache 2.2.22
❯ MySQL 5.6.x
❯ Git
❯ SVN 1.7.4

* Prices may vary depending on location and exact project specifications. Please contact us for a custom quotation.



We Can Help You Change the Way You​ Sell Your Adventure Travel Products and Services.

Looking for additional information on Adventure Travel Marketing? Better ways to grow your adventure business? Let us hear from you. We would love to help you evaluate and improve your online marketing.

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